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Hey guys, things appear to be a little slow going on getting the word out on the book.

Two Goodread giveaways and two Kindle give aways.


We have a 5 star and a 3 star rating, giving us a 4 star in total and a great review on good reads.

Throughly enjoyed this book from the first page to the last " — Mary Jolly


We're getting there, so hang in there.

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We are on Goodreads!!

Mr. Hogan signed up and put our story on Goodreads.

He is also working with a publicist out of Canada to get some bloggers and reviewers lined up.

Man this is crazy, he is working on our Memphis tale now.

Life certainly chainged then.

Don't want to say too much.


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We have an Artist!!!

Mr. Hogan reached out and connected with an artist down in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

He's pretty good and you can see his work at https://www.iankirkpatrickart.com/

We will start getting sketches this Sunday and we all hope to be finished with the Book Cover by Feb. 19th.

Kristen is going to take a quick look at the extra chapters about the Sam and Samantha.

Then we will release the Press Release.

It's getting exciting!!!!!!

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Part 1 has been released! WOOHOO!

Really exciting news today!

Mr. Hogan released Part 1 of Atlantis Bound today to amazon e-book.


He wants to create interest in our stories so he is giving it away at .99. Can you believe it?

If a person buys the first part at .99 then they can have the second part for .99 also. That's a deal!

He told everyone that part two, which heads to Kristen in January, should be released about March.

We need to get ready for people to ask us questions about Part 1.

Man do we have so many stories to tell.

Is everybody ready?

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Our Journies

It was so great that Mr. Hogan was able to come by on Turkey day.

He has been talking with The Watcher about writing our travels.

Here are the travels, broken down and some of the great people we got to meet;


Atlantis Bound! Atlas
Back to Memphis! Tat
Babylon or Bust! Nebuchadnezzar I
Delphi, Oracle Please! Alexander the great
All Roads leed to Rome! Hadrian
A Yucatan Ball Game! Pakal 1
Gateways to Tiwanaku! Lloque Yupanqui

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Hi,I'm Katie

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am 16 years old and I live with my dad, he is an archaeologist on location in Egypt. I lost my mom a few years ago so its just me and him. 

I stand about 5'4" and have auburn hair that I usually keep in a pony tail. I don't like to fuss with it.

Freckles, angel kisses, whatever you want to call them, I got em and the complexion to go with it.

Jeans and button up shirts are what I prefer the most, I am a little bit of a tom boy I guess. Oh, and I almost always wear a baseball cap of some type and tuck my pony tail through it.

When I am not home schooling with the other kids I love to explore the sites where my dad is digging.

My dad wanted to make sure we had a safe online way to talk with each other, so he let my friend Amy and I create our own social networking site. We can talk amongst ourselves and to you.

Cool yeah.

Anyway since we had all of these fantastic journeys we wanted to be able to share them with everyone.

I know some of you won't believe but we know the truth.

We will keep you posted when any major events are coming up but please ask us questions.